Ed.Meier Munich —
A tradition of style

When they took command of the business some 30 years ago EdMeier Munich was a mere shoe shop. Since then they have slowly transformed it into an outfitter offering a complete range of products. You can find classical clothes and accessories for gentlemen and ladies. For all events, occasions and seasons — for the town and the countryside. You can find a shooting suit made from one of the tweeds woven exclusively for EdMeier Munich in Scotland, country-style classics made of Loden or Jägerleinen, the latter being the traditional summer fabric rooted in Bavarian and Austrian folk costume. And of course suits and jackets for office-wear and the complete formal wardrobe for evening or day wear. The whole range is labeled EdMeier München.

Shoes and shoe-care remain the centre and the heart of the shop collection. The men’s shoe department is located in the first floor of the spacious premises in Brienner Straße. Shoes are on display in the shop-window and in the entrance area, as well as presented in the shelves and antique glass cabinets. All leather shoes on display have been waterpolished to give them a mirror-shine. The range of ladies’ shoes is equally exquisite, covering all styles from delicate mules to safari-boots.

The range of men’s shoes comprises the usual classics like Oxford shoes, Brogues, Derby shoes, loafers, monk strap shoes, ankle boots and boots.

One of the house trademark styles is their suede Chukkaboot with a calfskin heel cap, or the “Diamond Loafer” with a diamond-shaped cutout in the bridge. Shoes with leather soles are always fitted with shock-absorbing rubber heels. Most shoes are either Goodyear welted or hand-welted. Only some evening shoes and velvet slippers are made with thin cemented soles.

The unique selling proposition of the shoes are the asymmetric Peduform lasts they are built on. They were developed by Peter Eduard Meier to support the foot in the best possible way and to preserve its natural shape at the same time. The guiding design principle of the lasts is the recognition that the big toe most not be forced out of the natural straight position. This has resulted in the asymmetric shape of the lasts which is sometimes called sickled or banana shaped. Further reading into the advantages of the Peduform lasts is offered on the website of EdMeier Munich and in brochures available in the shop. In the shoe department the skeleton of a foot is at hand for the sales assistants to help them explain the advantages of the lasts used for the shoes the sell.

Apart from the orthopedic advantages attached to the Peduform lasts the shoes are simply very elegant and durable. They need to be fitted exactly. The feet of first-time customers are measured precisely with the help of the Brannock device. Depending on the shape and measurement of the feet, the best possible last shape, size and width will be chosen by the sales-assistant. The stock is huge and usually a couple of different shoes can be offered in the desired shape and size. Regular customers are advised to have their feet re-measured every couple of years to ensure the correct fit. Einfach um sicherzugehen, dass die Passform optimal ist.

Photography: Jan Hemmerich (Product Photography), Tommi Aittala and Martin Smolka.